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Vladimir name definition

Vladimir name definition: this name in other languages, spelling and pronunciation variants, female and male variants of name Vladimir.

Define Vladimir

Derived from the Slavic element vladeti "rule" combined with meru "great, famous". The second element has also been associated with miru meaning "peace, world". This was the name of an 11th-century Grand Prince of Kiev who is venerated as a saint because of his efforts to Christianize his realm (Kievan Rus). It was also borne by the founder of the former Soviet state, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924).

Is Vladimir a boy name?

Yes, name Vladimir has masculine gender.

Feminine forms of name Vladimir

Name Vladimir has similar female names. Women names like name Vladimir:

Where does the name Vladimir come from?

Name Vladimir most common in Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovene, Medieval Slavic.

Other scripts for name Vladimir

Владимир (Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Macedonian)

Vladimir name variants

Same spelling names for name Vladimir

References for name Vladimir

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