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Kalena in Somalia

Name Kalena in has its own forms. These names are various but equal to Kalena.

How do you say Kalena in Somalia?

List of Somalia names synonymous to first name Kalena:

01 Caren
02 Caryn
03 Catarina
04 Cate
05 Caterina
06 Catharine
07 Catherin
08 Catherina
09 Catherine
10 Cathryn
11 Cathy
12 Ina
13 Karen
14 Karena
15 Karin
16 Karyn
17 Kat
18 Kate
19 Katharine
20 Katharyn
21 Katherina
22 Katherine
23 Katheryn
24 Katheryne
25 Kathi
26 Kathie
27 Kathryn
28 Kathy
29 Katrina
30 Kay
31 Kerena
32 Kit
33 Kitty
34 Rina
35 Tina

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