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Jay Shah

Name and surname Jay Shah. All online services for meaning, origin and compatibility of the name and surname Jay Shah.

Jay Shah meaning

Jay Shah meaning: summary analysis of meaning of name Jay and surname Shah.


Jay name meaning

Name meaning of Jay. What does the name Jay mean?


Shah meaning

Surname meaning of Shah. What does the surname Shah mean?


Jay and Shah compatibility

Compatibility of surname Shah and name Jay.


Nicknames for Jay

Jay name diminutives.


Shah surname distribution

How many Shah are there?


Jay compatibility with surnames

Jay name compatibility test with surnames.


Shah compatibility with names

Shah surname compatibility test with names.


Jay compatibility with other names

Jay compatibility test with other names.


Shah compatibility with other surnames

Shah compatibility test with other surnames.


List of surnames with name Jay

Most common and uncommon surnames with name Jay.


Names that go with Shah

Most common and uncommon names with surname Shah.


Jay name origin

Origin of the name Jay.


Jay name definition

Define first name Jay.


How to spell Jay

How do you spell Jay in different countries and languages?


Jay in other languages

Learn how first name Jay matches first name in another language in another country.


Jay best name meanings: Serious, Generous, Modern, Mindful, Temperamental. Get Jay name meaning.

Shah best surname meanings: Active, Creative, Friendly, Cheerful, Temperamental. Get Shah meaning.

Jay name origin. Short form of names beginning with the sound J, such as James or Jason. It was originally used in America in honour of founding father John Jay (1749-1825), whose surname was derived from the jaybird. Get Jay name origin.

Jay name diminutives: Jimi, Jimmie, Jimmy. Get Nicknames for Jay.

Last name Shah most common in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Afghanistan, United Kingdom. Get Shah surname distribution.

Transcription or how to pronounce the name Jay: JAY. How to spell Jay.

Synonymous names for Jay in different countries and languages: Akiba, Akiva, Cobus, Coos, Giacobbe, Giacomo, Hagop, Hakob, Hemi, Iacobus, Iacomus, Iacopo, Iago, Iakob, Iakobos, Iakopa, Iason, Ib, Jákob, Jaagup, Jaak, Jaakko, Jaakob, Jaakoppi, Jaap, Jacky, Jacob, Jacobo, Jacobus, Jacó, Jacopo, Jacques, Jago, Jaime, Jaka, Jakab, Jakes, Jakob, Jakov, Jakša, Jakub, Jákup, James, Jamie, Jaša, Jason, Jaume, Jaumet, Jeppe, Jockel, Jokūbas, Kapel, Kimo, Koba, Kobe, Kobus, Koos, Koppel, Kuba, Lapo, Séamas, Séamus, Seumas, Shamus, Sheamus, Sjaak, Yaakov, Yago, Yakiv, Yakov, Yakub, Yakup, Yankel, Yaqoob, Yaqub, Yasha. Get Jay in other languages.

Most common surnames with name Jay: Lee, Patel, Shah, Jerde, Gokul. Get List of surnames with name Jay.

Most common names with last name Shah: Keyur, Dhaval, Karan, Vikas, Mansi. Get Names that go with Shah.

Jay and Shah compatible by 69%. Get Jay and Shah compatibility.

Jay Shah similar names and surnames

Jay Shah Jimi Shah Jimmie Shah Jimmy Shah Akiba Shah Akiva Shah Cobus Shah Coos Shah Giacobbe Shah Giacomo Shah Hagop Shah Hakob Shah Hemi Shah Iacobus Shah Iacomus Shah Iacopo Shah Iago Shah Iakob Shah Iakobos Shah Iakopa Shah Iason Shah Ib Shah Jákob Shah Jaagup Shah Jaak Shah Jaakko Shah Jaakob Shah Jaakoppi Shah Jaap Shah Jacky Shah Jacob Shah Jacobo Shah Jacobus Shah Jacó Shah Jacopo Shah Jacques Shah Jago Shah Jaime Shah Jaka Shah Jakab Shah Jakes Shah Jakob Shah Jakov Shah Jakša Shah Jakub Shah Jákup Shah James Shah Jamie Shah Jaša Shah Jason Shah Jaume Shah Jaumet Shah Jeppe Shah Jockel Shah Jokūbas Shah Kapel Shah Kimo Shah Koba Shah Kobe Shah Kobus Shah Koos Shah Koppel Shah Kuba Shah Lapo Shah Séamas Shah Séamus Shah Seumas Shah Shamus Shah Sheamus Shah Sjaak Shah Yaakov Shah Yago Shah Yakiv Shah Yakov Shah Yakub Shah Yakup Shah Yankel Shah Yaqoob Shah Yaqub Shah Yasha Shah