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Dávid Urmanov

Name and surname Dávid Urmanov. All online services for meaning, origin and compatibility of the name and surname Dávid Urmanov.

Dávid Urmanov meaning

Dávid Urmanov meaning: summary analysis of meaning of name Dávid and surname Urmanov.


Dávid name meaning

Name meaning of Dávid. What does the name Dávid mean?


Urmanov meaning

Surname meaning of Urmanov. What does the surname Urmanov mean?


Dávid and Urmanov compatibility

Compatibility of surname Urmanov and name Dávid.


Dávid compatibility with surnames

Dávid name compatibility test with surnames.


Urmanov compatibility with names

Urmanov surname compatibility test with names.


Dávid compatibility with other names

Dávid compatibility test with other names.


Urmanov compatibility with other surnames

Urmanov compatibility test with other surnames.


Dávid name origin

Origin of the name Dávid.


Dávid name definition

Define first name Dávid.


Dávid in other languages

Learn how first name Dávid matches first name in another language in another country.


List of surnames with name Dávid

Most common and uncommon surnames with name Dávid.


Dávid best name meanings: Active, Cheerful, Lucky, Mindful, Temperamental. Get Dávid name meaning.

Urmanov best surname meanings: Active, Competent, Temperamental, Serious, Mindful. Get Urmanov meaning.

Dávid name origin. Hungarian and Slovak form of David. Get Dávid name origin.

Synonymous names for Dávid in different countries and languages: Dafydd, Dai, Dáibhí, Dàibhidh, Daividh, Daud, Dauid, Dave, Daveth, Davey, Davi, David, Davide, Davie, Davit, Daviti, Davud, Davy, Daw, Dawid, Dawood, Dawud, Dewey, Dewi, Dewydd, Dovid, Dovydas, Dudel, Taavet, Taavetti, Taavi, Taffy. Get Dávid in other languages.

Most common surnames with name Dávid: Brown, Lee, Evans, Wisniewski, Smith. Get List of surnames with name Dávid.

Dávid and Urmanov compatible by 82%. Get Dávid and Urmanov compatibility.

Dávid Urmanov similar names and surnames

Dávid Urmanov Dafydd Urmanov Dai Urmanov Dáibhí Urmanov Dàibhidh Urmanov Daividh Urmanov Daud Urmanov Dauid Urmanov Dave Urmanov Daveth Urmanov Davey Urmanov Davi Urmanov David Urmanov Davide Urmanov Davie Urmanov Davit Urmanov Daviti Urmanov Davud Urmanov Davy Urmanov Daw Urmanov Dawid Urmanov Dawood Urmanov Dawud Urmanov Dewey Urmanov Dewi Urmanov Dewydd Urmanov Dovid Urmanov Dovydas Urmanov Dudel Urmanov Taavet Urmanov Taavetti Urmanov Taavi Urmanov Taffy Urmanov