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Analysis of surname Henscheid

This word has the following phonosemantic features out of 25 possible:

imperative, expansive , universal , ambitious , heady , benevolent , loud , worldly , provident , lucky , passion , serious , creative, volatile , strong , real , ascetic , unpredictable

Below you can see a table with the results of phonosemantic meaning for the word “Henscheid” for each of the 25 features.

This is the subconscious effect that this word has on people. In other words, this is what people perceive unconsciously when they hear this word. For very marked features, the emotional subconscious meaning of the word is stronger. This is the unconscious perception of most people when they hear this word. Bear in mind that the more marked is the feature - the emotional and unconscious significance of the word is stronger.

This table provides the full range of phonosemantic scales with the meaning of the analyzed word for each scale. In the ratio columnn it is necessary to consider the following: if the ratio is > 2.5 then it expresses the first meaning of the scale, if the ratio is < 3.5 then it expresses the second meaning of the scale, if the ratio is between 2,5 - 3,5 this means that there is no meaning for that scale. In order to make it easier, in the Intensity column of every feature indicates if a word has phonosemantic meaning. The first meaning of the scale is higlighted in blue, while the second meaning is highlited in red.

  Phonosemantic scales     Ratio     Diagram     Intensity of feature  
  1.  Imperative-Compliant  2.29
  2.  Decent-Expansive  4.31
  3.  Individual-Universal  4.04
  4.  Local-Ambitious  4.41
  5.  Leisurely-Heady  4.23
  6.  Strict-Benevolent  3.74
  7.  Stilly-Loud  3.74
  8.  Unusual-Frequent  3.39
  Not emphasized
  9.  Sure-Coy  3.12
  Not emphasized
  10.  Heaven-Worldly  4.62
  11.  Selfless-Provident  4.00
  12.  Industrious-Lucky  3.78
  13.  Laconic-Eloquent  2.55
  Not emphasized
  14.  Tranquil-Passion  4.22
  15.  Collected-Sensitive  3.47
  Not emphasized
  16.  Jolly-Serious  3.94
  17.  Creative-Rational  2.48
  18.  Permanent-Volatile  4.50
  19.  Elegant-Strong  4.30
  20.  Sedate-Temperamental  3.44
  Not emphasized
  21.  Fantastic-Real  3.62
  22.  Cheerful-Ascetic  3.97
  23.  Conservative-Innovative  3.09
  Not emphasized
  24.  Cagy-Active  3.22
  Not emphasized
  25.  Adequate-Unpredictable  4.40
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