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Rita Marie

Name and surname Rita Marie. All online services for meaning, origin and compatibility of the name and surname Rita Marie.

Rita Marie meaning

Rita Marie meaning: summary analysis of meaning of name Rita and surname Marie.


Rita name meaning

Name meaning of Rita. What does the name Rita mean?


Marie meaning

Surname meaning of Marie. What does the surname Marie mean?


Rita and Marie compatibility

Compatibility of surname Marie and name Rita.


Rita name origin

Origin of the name Rita.


Marie origin

Origin of the surname Marie.


Rita name definition

Define first name Rita.


Marie definition

Define surname Marie.


Rita in other languages

Learn how first name Rita matches first name in another language in another country.


Marie in other languages

Learn how surname Marie corresponds to surnames in another language in another country.


Rita compatibility with surnames

Rita name compatibility test with surnames.


Marie compatibility with names

Marie surname compatibility test with names.


Rita compatibility with other names

Rita compatibility test with other names.


Marie compatibility with other surnames

Marie compatibility test with other surnames.


List of surnames with name Rita

Most common and uncommon surnames with name Rita.


Names that go with Marie

Most common and uncommon names with surname Marie.


Marie surname distribution

How many Marie are there?


How to spell Rita

How do you spell Rita in different countries and languages?


Rita best name meanings: Friendly, Competent, Serious, Volatile, Cheerful. Get Rita name meaning.

Marie best surname meanings: Lucky, Active, Competent, Generous, Friendly. Get Marie meaning.

Rita name origin. Short form of Margherita and other names ending in rita. A famous bearer was American actress Rita Hayworth (1918-1987). Get Rita name origin.

Marie origin. From the given name Marie. Get Marie origin.

Last name Marie most common in France, Madagascar, Côte d'Ivoire, Haiti, Cameroon. Get Marie surname distribution.

Transcription or how to pronounce the name Rita: REE-tə (English), REE-tah (German). How to spell Rita.

Synonymous names for Rita in different countries and languages: Gosia, Greet, Gréta, Greetje, Griet, Maarit, Maighread, Mairead, Mairéad, Maisie, Małgorzata, Małgosia, Mared, Maret, Margaid, Margalit, Margalita, Margareeta, Margareta, Margaretha, Margarid, Margarida, Margarit, Margarita, Margaux, Marged, Margit, Margita, Margot, Margrét, Margreet, Margriet, Marguerite, Marjeta, Markéta, Marketta, Marsaili, Marzena, Megan, Meggy, Mererid, Mysie, Paaie, Peigi, Reeta, Reetta, Retha. Get Rita in other languages.

Synonymous surnames for Marie in different countries and languages: Maria, María, Maruska, Marušić, Maruška. Get Marie in other languages.

Most common surnames with name Rita: Pemberton, Rita, Lobo, Hulmes, Madden. Get List of surnames with name Rita.

Most common names with last name Marie: Marie, Sarah, Michaelann, Abigail, Rosie. Get Names that go with Marie.

Rita and Marie compatible by 77%. Get Rita and Marie compatibility.

Rita Marie similar names and surnames

Rita Marie Gosia Marie Greet Marie Gréta Marie Greetje Marie Griet Marie Maarit Marie Maighread Marie Mairead Marie Mairéad Marie Maisie Marie Małgorzata Marie Małgosia Marie Mared Marie Maret Marie Margaid Marie Margalit Marie Margalita Marie Margareeta Marie Margareta Marie Margaretha Marie Margarid Marie Margarida Marie Margarit Marie Margarita Marie Margaux Marie Marged Marie Margit Marie Margita Marie Margot Marie Margrét Marie Margreet Marie Margriet Marie Marguerite Marie Marjeta Marie Markéta Marie Marketta Marie Marsaili Marie Marzena Marie Megan Marie Meggy Marie Mererid Marie Mysie Marie Paaie Marie Peigi Marie Reeta Marie Reetta Marie Retha Marie