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Surname Qadri. All namesakes Qadri.

Surname (Lastname) Qadri. 10 “Qadri” registered on our database.
Analysis of surname Qadri     Names with surname Qadri
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1073523 Qadri Aneera United States, English, female 
Name Aneera: decent, individual, local, leisurely, strict, heaven, selfless, industrious, tranquil, jolly, cheerful, cagy, adequate. See full analysis of name Aneera.
828315 Qadri Aamir India, Urdu, male 
Name Aamir: leisurely, sure, industrious, cagy. See full analysis of name Aamir.
1027549 Qadri Ahsan Pakistan, English, male 
Name Ahsan: compliant , strict, real . See full analysis of name Ahsan.
724444 Qadri Ali Canada, English, male 
Name Ali: decent, leisurely, strict, stilly, unusual, sure, heaven, selfless, industrious, laconic, tranquil, collected, jolly, creative, . See full analysis of name Ali.
155621 Qadri Alina India, English, female 
Name Alina: decent, local, leisurely, strict, stilly, sure, heaven, selfless, industrious, tranquil, jolly, creative, cheerful, cagy. See full analysis of name Alina.
992092 Qadri Faiza Pakistan, English, female 
Name Faiza: heady , loud , frequent , coy , worldly , provident , lucky , passion , sensitive , serious , volatile , strong , real , ascetic. See full analysis of name Faiza.
328211 Qadri Neesa Pakistan, Urdu, female 
Name Neesa: stilly, sure, selfless, laconic, creative. See full analysis of name Neesa.
363840 Qadri Syed Musheer Ahmed Pakistan, Urdu, male 
Name Syed Musheer Ahmed: expansive , universal , ambitious , heady , worldly , provident , lucky , passion , serious , volatile , strong , ascetic , unpr. See full analysis of name Syed Musheer Ahmed.
811287 Qadri Waqar India, Urdu, male 
Name Waqar: compliant , decent, individual, local, strict, heaven, eloquent , permanent, elegant, sedate, adequate. See full analysis of name Waqar.
495828 Qadri Zamir India, Arabic, male 
Name Zamir: not emphasized. See full analysis of name Zamir.

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